Greener and greener roofs in Lombardy

Greener and greener roofs in Lombardy

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Green roof on the ATM headquarters in viale Sarca in Milan

A green roof or green roof it can be built on warehouses, laboratories, factories, schools, hospitals, offices of organizations and institutions, shopping centers, libraries and private homes. And in fact there are more and more buildings on which a green roof, that is, a cover cultivated with trees, bushes, aromatic plants, herbs and flowers.

The technology of green roof it is especially characteristic of Northern Europe and the first time it was officially talked about was during the Paris Expo in 1867 with the presentation brochure of a system for hanging gardens designed by master mason Carl Rabitz of Berlin.

The advantages of a green roof? Many and substantial from the point of view of energy saving and comfort: better microclimate, decrease of rainwater that flows towards the collection systems, milder air temperatures (thanks to the process of evapotranspiration of plants), reduction of energy consumption in up to 25% summer and CO emissions2, less noise pollution, protection against thermal changes and absorption of fine dust.

The important thing is to know how to choose the green roof more suited to your needs, and to the climate. Let's take Lombardy for example: among the plant species most suitable for the roofs of this region, including extensive and intensive cultivation, there are boracina, carnations, thyme, rosemary, santolina, potentilla. Better to avoid instead: wisteria, ivy, birch, willow, poplar, marsh plants and bamboo.

Gods green roofs, the technical and aesthetic aspects of green roofs and their effects on the urban climate, energy consumption and water flows, was discussed today in the Milan Chamber of Commerce during the conference 'Green roofs, environmental, energy and landscape objectives'.

The conference was an opportunity to present the first results of the activities of the Tevel project, created with the contribution of the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the Varese Community Foundation onlus. Objective: to study and experiment with the most suitable plants for green roofs of Lombardy.

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