Snail slime, the panacea for all ills

Snail slime, the panacea for all ills

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Theresnail slime, in cosmetics, it is used to reduce small scars and its extract is the active ingredient of anti-wrinkle beauty creams. The debates on the effectiveness ofsnail slimeas natural anti-wrinkles are manifold, not only its authentic efficacy is questioned, numerous ethical questions are also raised.

In Peru, thesnail slimeit has been used for decades for its supposed healing and emollient properties. In medicine thesnail slimeis used as a syrup for dry cough and recently, other properties have been attributed to it: it would seem that thesnail slimecould reduce pain from deep burns and improve the re-epithelialization process of damaged tissue. This last mentioned property constitutes the basic principle of several wrinkle creams marketed in Italy.

You can benefit from the alleged properties of thesnail slimeboth in the form of extracts - in this house theredroolis taken from thesnailand treated in the laboratory, combined with other excipients and marketed in the form of gel or cream - both natural, that is, letting thesnailon the areas to soothe, to heal or to reinvigorate, just as shown in the following video.

Theresnail slimeit is a kind of mucus, a secretion useful forsnailof earth to prevent dehydration of exposed soft tissues. In nature, thedroolit serves the snails to crawl on vertical surfaces without falling so it plays both a lubricant and an adhesive role. Theresnailproduces two different types ofdrool, one internal and one external. Internal mucus is produced by the reproductive system.

Cosmetic laboratories take advantage of thesnail slimecommon, the one we usually find in home gardens. It's about the speciesHelix aspersa which produces a secretion rich in high molecular weight proteins. These secretions appear to be rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. According to the manufacturers of creams based on snail slime, the extracts would perform a dual action on human skin, on the one hand they would stimulate the production of new proteins such as collagen and elastin (so as to naturally repair the signs of aging) and on the other hand they would minimize the damage caused by free radicals (for to be clear, free radicals are responsible for premature skin aging).

For many, the properties of thesnail slimethey are nothing more than a hype of the cosmetic industry. Certainly there is no lack of clinical tests in favor of the efficacy of snail slime-based creams, but it is difficult to extricate oneself between favorable and opposing studies.

Fortunately, there is something irrefutable: thesnail slime cannot have fixed properties, this is true of thesnail slimehow much for industrial tomatoes! The properties of thesnail slimevary in accordance with itlifestyleof thesnail (yes, yes, we just wrotelifestyle!), a lot depends on where thesnailgrows, from its environment, from the season in which it is taken and above all from the snail's diet: based on the amino acids that thesnail,this will produce a more or less viscous secretion and therefore with different characteristics and properties. The factors that determine the composition of the secretion will then also determine the quality of the product made with it.

Snail slime cream

Where to buy snail slime cream? In herbalists and shops specializing in natural products or by taking advantage of online sales. On the web there is no shortage of e-commerce that offer snail slime creams, at the time of purchase make sure you choose only natural products. Among the products with the best value for money we point out:

Bioluma, face cream 50 ml
Price: 29.90 on Amazon with free shipping.
Designed to reduce skin blemishes such as acne, pimples and skin blemishes. It is enriched with natural ingredients useful for anti-inflammatory skin and reducing redness. It is suitable for all skin types but even more so for those with oily skin with acne problems.

Bioluma face serum
Price: € 30.90 on Amazon with free shipping
It is a day and night serum with regenerating action and for the prevention and attenuation of wrinkles. It adapts well to all skin types, reduces facial wrinkles and deeply hydrates (even more recommended for those with dry skin). Designed to reduce skin blemishes such as acne and small scars. The snail slime face serum contains natural elements important for the well-being of the skin such as Allantoin, a precious antioxidant capable of regenerating the skin and repairing tissues.

Bioluma, Pure and highly concentrated cream
Price: € 29.90 on Amazon with free shipping
Like the previous cream, this one is also suitable for all skin types, it is 100% natural and counteracts wrinkles, acne and scars. It is a highly concentrated cream. It is more recommended for those who intend to face a "shock treatment" against wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.

For all other information, please refer to the article:Snail slime cream

Video: SNAIL move: Animal Video (July 2022).


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