Succulents, choose them according to the decor

Succulents, choose them according to the decor

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To describe every living organism (whether of the Animal or Vegetable Kingdom), we speak of species. There are a large number of succulent plant species but, who cultivates the fat plants in the home, he will be interested in hers rather than systematics appearance: today we will see itypes of succulentsclassified according to their physical structure.

Based on the shape, the fat plants can be classified into three types different, to learn more you can study the Systematic botanybut we can begin to summarize them like this:

  • Fat plants columnar
    Perfect for those who want to decorate the corners of rooms with plants or to fill the empty spaces in front of the mirrors. Among the columns we point out the Cactus, Opuntia or Echinocereus.
  • Fat plants falling back
    It is about fat plants wall units, need excellent sun exposure, the ideal would be to place them on the veranda if this is facing west or south. The fat plants hanging should be grown in baskets or particular hanging pots, hung from the ceiling or fixed to the wall. The fat plants falling should be grown away from drafts and in very bright places, among these we point out the Aporocactus and Zygocactus.
  • Fat plants spherical
    If the columnar ones develop vertically, the hanging ones develop downwards… the fat plants spherical, as the term implies, are characterized by softer shapes. The fat plants spherical, they are perfect for decorating kitchens or living rooms, they can be used as centerpieces or fill spaces on shelves and furniture. Among these we point out the Rebutia, the Mammillaria, the Astrophyte and the Echinocactus.

A variety of fat plants very particular, is given by the "living stones ", they are called Lithops and more than a succulent plants they resemble small rounded stones. Those who live in the North of Italy could demand fat plants cold resistant.

A myth to dispel
There are many who argue that succulents do not require special care, this statement stems from the fact that fat plants they need less maintenance as regards irrigation which, compared to other plants, must be less frequent. For the rest, the care of succulents is the most common, they need a suitable substrate, to be repotted and if necessary protected from the cold.

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