Casio at Solar Energy, the watches

Casio at Solar Energy, the watches

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Speaking of the watches solar powered casio we have already reported some models of the G-shock and Oceanus series and the top model of the most recent PRO TREK collection. The PRO TREK line was created for a dynamic and sporty audience, it is something more than a simple watch casio a solar power: resistant to low temperatures, integrates a digital compass, offers functions of altimeter, barometer and much more.

Casio solar powered watches
Among the wide offer Casio of watches a solar power we point out the GW-4000 1A3ER model, perfect for those who practice extreme hiking or other extreme sports. The watch is built to withstand shocks and vibrations, the hands and numerals are coated in neobrite so as to be visible even in the dark. The clock is powered by solar cells and excess solar energy is stored in a small battery.

To live without any doubts or thoughts, there is an indicator that shows, in real time, the current level of charge. The same solar cell technology is found on many other models in the G-Shock series, other examples are the GW 3500B model, the varienta 3500BD, GW-A1100 and other watches from the G-Premium line.

To verify that a watch Casio is actually a solar charging, in the technical data sheet of the selected model, from the official website, it is necessary to consult the third item and go hunting for the words "Solar function". Usually the function of solar charging is described by the manufacturer Casio so: "the solar cells power the clock autonomously and environmentally. The excess solar energy is saved in a battery.

Alternatively, you must read if the wording "Tough Solar System" is present. Tough Solar technology indicates that onCasio watch there is an accumulation unit ofsolar power. The Tough Solar System byCasio allows the solar charging even from very weak light sources, it is this technology that determines the "Solar function " indicated in the data sheet.

How watches work Solar powered Casio?
The solar cells they are so small and discreet that they can be integrated seamlessly into any design dial without compromising their shape or colors. Together with the photovoltaic unit there is a battery for storage: an "accumulator" integrated in the sundials stores the "excess" energy and uses it when the clock is in the dark. There is no sundial without accumulators. The recharging of the accumulator occurs automatically and does not have to be activated manually

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