Biodiesel from algae

Biodiesel from algae

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The Algamoil laboratory of Teregroup in Modena for the production of biodiesel from algae

Give her algae it is possible to derive a biodiesel for powering cogeneration and automotive engines. Cogeneration means devices for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat (in practice it would mean using algae to illuminate and heat the house); automotive means running cars, trucks and so on.

That the production of biodiesel from algae It is possible as demonstrated by the fact that in Modena, at the headquarters of the Teregroup company, the first pilot plant (Algamoil) designed for this purpose and tested in collaboration with the Enzo Ferrari Engineering Department of the University of Modena went into operation.

The first test bench tests showed that the biodisel from algae it works on stock engines without any modification and that power and torque are equal to commercial diesel, while the exhaust particulate is even lower than that of a normal engine.

If the production of biodiesel from algae it is also considered interesting because in recent years the scientific debate around biofuels has become heated in many countries, and in particular the opportunity to subtract land from crops intended for food.

With the production of biodiesel from algae Not only are not cultivable areas removed, but according to the creators of the process, large amounts of CO₂ could be eliminated in the atmosphere, adding an additional environmental benefit.

The technology behind the production of biodiesel from algae was born from the collaboration between Teregroup, a company specializing in investments in new technologies, and the engineering company ES Consultants from Hong Kong. The first plant is the result of a project presented at the end of 2011 at the Guangzhou renewable energy fair in China.

Today the biodiesel from algae fuel can be used in diesel-fueled car engines and there are already some pumps in the US that deliver this fuel. In Europe, where things are lagging behind, the EU rules approved in Strasbourg in September 2012 limit the use of traditional biofuels (food crops) and encourage a quick switch to new types of biofuels from different sources such as algae, straw , waste and residues in general.

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