How to build a greenhouse

How to build a greenhouse

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After seeing how to build a tunnel greenhouse to cover individual crops, we will see how to build a greenhouse garden to be able to cultivate the vegetable garden all year round.

How to build a greenhouse, the necessary
The number of wooden planks, as well as the connectors and fittings, varies according to the size of thegreenhousethat you intend to build. Theregreenhousesimpler from buildit is the one in PVC, especially when you have a limited budget and little space available. Agreenhouse, even if built with thedo-it-yourself, must be large enough to ensure good space management and control of the environment.

To explain how to build a greenhousewe refer you to two videos with some clarifications:
-in the video the builder uses rigid plastic material, which is why he needs to create a sort of concrete foundation. Those who use PVC tarpaulins do not need an additional reinforcement structure, in fact it will be enough to plant waterproof wooden poles in the ground.

-The manufacturer, in the video, decided to use a rigid plastic material because the PVC sheets degrade in a few years and must be replaced. The ideal method for disposing of plastic is recycling, so when the time comes, don't forget to separate it.

- Who lives in northern Italy or who will have to build the greenhouse in a highly windy area and with frequent snowfalls, it would do well to replace the PVC sheet with rigid plastic, just as shown in the video.

How to heat the greenhouse
What greenhouse would it be without heat?
Traditional heating systems forgreenhousesinclude electric and gas stoves, paraffin-based heating systems and other highly polluting or even toxic devices for humans. A strategy forheat the greenhouseis the so-called "Heatsink“, It is a system that collects and“ stores ”heat during the day (when the sun beats strong) and releases it when temperatures drop. In a greenhouse, the principle ofHeatsinkit can be exploited in many ways and especially by following some strategies at the time ofDIY construction:

  • Cover the inside of the greenhouse with a layer of large bubble wrap. Large bubbles let in more light.
  • Mount a maximum and minimum thermometer to monitor the temperature
  • Display the greenhouse as close as possible to the south wall of the house
  • Insert a few black trays with water and stones inside the greenhouse: the water absorbs heat and releases it at night in the form of humidity.

Video: Cattle Panel Greenhouse Build with Costs. Hoop House (August 2022).