Toyota iRoad, the ultra compact electric

Toyota iRoad, the ultra compact electric

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The test phase has finally arrived for the Toyota i-Road and if everything goes smoothly, it will soon be commercialized, at which point it will be tough times for the Renault Twizy. The house already makes it known that theToyota iRoadwill be available in five different colors.

ThereToyota iRoadis an electric car designed for individual mobility in the Greater Tokyo Area and Toyota's test drives are a preliminary step to a possible launch. The tests of the Japanese manufacturer will last about three months and will evaluate the real effectiveness of this electric vehicle in daily use in urban areas.


Compared to the model shown at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, theToyota iRoadof the test has some improvements: increased visibility, ease of use and maneuverability.

L'iRoadit won't be Toyota's only ultra-compact electric vehicle. The Japanese giant is conducting research to help build a low-carbon society where mobility is enhanced by technology.

The technical characteristics of theToyotai-Roadused in tests in Toyota City and Tokyo should not differ much from what we will see on the production model. For now, there are no rumors about the release on the European market nor about the presence of different more or less powerful versions (the model ofi-Roadof the test has a maximum speed of 60 km / h); certainly the autonomy given by the lithium-ion battery will have to be improved: 50 km are very few, especially if we calculate that according to the estimate, Toyota traveled at an average speed of 30 km / h.


If we wish changes for the mechanical components, we do not expect them for the aesthetics. Almost certainly there will be no changes in shape and size: the length is 234 cm, the width of only 87 cm. The car is 1.45m tall. The lithium-ion battery, at least in the test, powers two electric motors and the maneuverability can count on a minimum turning radius of 3 meters.

With these characteristics, considering that there is only room on board for the motorist, the car could be widely used in private areas (large centers, parks, company plants ...) but perhaps the Italian public is not yet ready for single-seater.

Video: Concept Cars. Ultra-Compact Toyota i-Road. A Single Seater Concept Car by Toyota. YOYO TV Channel (July 2022).


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