The European Biogas Conference

The European Biogas Conference

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The biennial European Biogas Conference 2014 scheduled from 30 September to 2 October in the city of Alkmaar in the Netherlands will be an opportunity to take stock of European policies on biogas and of biomethane (refined biogas).

The Italian Biogas Consortium, which is fighting in Italy to overcome the difficulties that hinder the growth of the sector, will actively participate in the appointment, the second after the first edition in 2012 in Bratislava. Difficulties that are above all normative.

For the implementation of the interministerial decree of December 2013 which opens the way for the use of biomethane in the automotive sector and in the national gas network, technical regulations are still missing (at the end of April 2014).

The delay is considered heavy especially by the many Italian agricultural realities that see biogas and biomethane as the missing link towards the full economic sustainability of the agricultural enterprise. According to the principles of Biogas Done Right, the sustainability manifesto supported by the CIB which consists in producing biogas without impacting on food production.

However, in addition to agriculture, biogas can make an important contribution to the national energy mix. According to the latest estimates confirmed by the CIB, 9 million cubic meters of biomethane can be produced in Italy, equal to 10% of the national needs and 40% of the gas imported from Russia.

To be able to make biomethane a real one national biofuel there is also another aspect. In addition to being able to count on an important and increasing production of agricultural biogas (1600 new plants in the last 4 years), Italy boasts a strong and rooted technological tradition in methane also at the level of the supply chain. Enough to make biomethane an important economic driver as well as a primary source of energy supply.

The role that biomethane could play in the alternative fuels scenario is also important in the light of the European Directive on alternative fuels voted by the European Parliament on 15 April.

That's why the European Biogas Conference of September takes on particular importance. During the appointment organized byEuropean Biogas Association EBA we will talk about the production and use of biogas in the presence of representatives of research, industry and production.

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