How to turn a bike into an ebike

How to turn a bike into an ebike

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In this article we will see how to turn a bike into an ebike. There are circumstances in which pedaling becomes so tiring, how could this be remedied? That's enough transform your bike in a pedal assisted vehicle! This is a conversion technique called "retrofit" tested in Finland that allows you to electrify a simple bike thanks to a conversion kit.

How to turn a bike into an ebike, the kit
The kits for electric bicycle retrofit include a motor, a battery and all the accessory tools for their assembly (stand, starting system, connections between electric motor and battery, means to connect the motor to the wheel, any recovery system braking energy, any sensors, indicators and monitors).
Thanks to the retrofit kit, our bicycle becomes a pedal assisted vehicle, thus allowing us to make the most of the advantages of two wheels. The electric or pedal assisted bicycle is in fact equipped with a very small motor that allows us to halve the physical effort, especially on routes that involve climbs and can also reach a speed of 25 km / h per hour.
The battery is recharged with a couple of hours of connection to a normal electrical outlet.

How to turn a bike into an ebike, assembly
To assemble the kit, it is preferable to contact an experienced mechanic who will be able to arrange and install the various parts in safe conditions.
Alternatively we can use the fai date; assembling a kit is not a particularly difficult operation but you need a good knowledge of the mechanics of the bike: if the kit is assembled incorrectly or is not suitable for that particular bicycle model, you risk ruining it! This means that it will no longer be possible to use it again and that we have wasted our money accordingly.

For more information on the kits available on the market, you may be interested in the article "Kits to electrify the bicycle"

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