Tailor-made holiday in the Sila National Park

Tailor-made holiday in the Sila National Park

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Do you want to build a tailor-made holiday in Sila National Park or in National Park of the Lucanian Apennines? You can do it with In Vacanza nei Parchi, the NTL network (Local Tourist Network) born from the collaboration between the managing bodies of the two protected areas and Legambiente with funding from the Telecom Italia Foundation.

Why this initiative? The purpose of In Vacanza in the Parks is to increase and improve the tourist offer in two protected areas, the Sila National Park (Calabria) and the National Park of the Lucanian Apennines Val d’Agri-Lagonegrese (Basilicata), very beautiful and important for the biodiversity they preserve. In these places the Local Tourist Network will be created which will bring together the offers of operators, structures, companies and service providers of tourist interest.

All online offers, which must comply with eco-sustainability and quality criteria written in an Environmental Quality Regulation, are and will be included in the online portal (there are already 37 for the Park of the Lucanian Apennines and 13 for the Sila National Park) to give the eco-tourist the opportunity to build their own tailor-made holiday.

The novelty is that from the portal it is possible not only to book the services of all the stages of the self-planned journey in Sila National Park or in National Park of the Lucanian Apennines, but also pay in a single solution. All in a few clicks and in three languages: Italian, English and German.

On the portal of the Local Tourist Network you can browse by area of ​​interest or by places with the georeferencing of each description. There is also an 'accessible park' dedicated to people with disabilities. On the home page the information in evidence, the events both in progress and planned, the proposed itineraries and news that allow users to update in real time everything that accesses the Sila National Park It is in the National Park of the Lucanian Apennines.

As with all projects financed by the Telecom Italia Foundation, In Vacanza nei Parchi also has a strong technological value. In this specific case, the initiative offers the opportunity to develop an interaction between new technologies and local culture. The technological partner of the initiative is ISED Systems Engineering.

Sila National Park: video

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