Lower fuel prices, an app reveals

Lower fuel prices, an app reveals

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Where can you fill up for less? What are the filling stations they offerlower fuel prices? It does not matter if you live in the Lombardy region, if you are from Naples, Rome or Bologna, to provide us with thelower fuel pricesof the nearest petrol stations is an app of the Ministry of Development.

Motorists who want to save on full fuel and / or cut a few cents igasoline prices, can rely on a smartphone application developed by Putdirectly for the Ministry of Development.

Lower fuel prices, the free App
The application can be downloaded for free on Google Play and will soon be available on the App Store as well, so it is compatible with all iOS, iPhone and Android OS systems.

If you want to know who has thelower gasoline prices, just start a search by specifying your preferenceSelf or Served. Thefuelavailable is not only thepetrol, first of all, the user will have to choose whether to search for thelower pricesof:

  • Diesel / Diesel
  • LPG
  • Methane
  • Petrol

The App user interface is very simple, just indicate the type offuelsearched, the delivery mode and view the results. The app will report ifuel dispensersselected in a radius of 5 km around the position detected by the GPS signal of the smartphone.

Fuel prices by color
Viewing the results on the map is very intuitive, once the search is started, the user will see a Map with different colored icons: the colors of the icons indicate the convenience level of the vending machine. The red icon will have ahigh price, as well as the vibrant green icon will have thelower fuel price.

Between the two extremes (dark red and vibrant green), there are orange, yellow and dark green. Just click on the "detail" to get detailed information onpriceand on the distributor.

The App also offers the "route calculation" function which, relying on GoogleMap, indicates precise directions for reaching the distributorpetrol, diesel, LPG or methanewith thelowest price.

Lower fuel prices, for managers
If you own a petrol station and want to pass on yourspricesto the Ministry of Economic Development, you can do it with a simple smartphone application. The procedure is very simple, just download the App "Gasoline Prices Managers ", register to the system and enter your ownfuel prices, updating them to any offers or increases.

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