Best ADSL offers: how much are the promotions worth?

Best ADSL offers: how much are the promotions worth?

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Changing your Internet service provider today can be very convenient: taking advantage of the promotions between best ADSL offers of the various operators can in fact save several euros, ensuring at the same time a better service and a faster connection.

The ADSL offers cheaper are those that affect both ADSL that landline phone, and in the case of Fastweb also satellite television, thanks to the agreement with Sky, or streaming TV (Infostrada, Vodafone, TIM).

And if with many ADSL it is however necessary to continue to pay the Telecom fee, there are connections (such as that of Ehiweb or those satellite and go WiMax as Tooway is Linkem) who do not need a telephone line to access the Internet.

If you already have a connection, once you have found the one that's right for you among the best Internet offers, you will have to cancel your subscription with the previous operator. Do not be scared, once you have overcome the feeling that someone does everything to complicate things for you, submitting the ADSL cancellation is easier than it seems.

Among the currently cheaper offers there are All Included Light of Tiscali, which allows you to save 312 euros in two years with a fee of 19.95 euros per month instead of 32.95 euros; Jet of Fastweb, which for a year costs 25 euros per month instead of 35, for a saving of 120 euros per year; Absolute of Infostrada, which offers a permanent discount with a fee of 19.95 euros per month instead of 38.00 euros.

It is about ADSL at 20 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload; among those at 7 Mbps stands out instead Internet Without Limits of TIM which in promotion costs € 22.90 per month perempre.

Some of these ADSL allow to reach even higher speeds; for example Jet is SuperJet of Fastweb (as well as the Homepack offer that also combines Sky satellite television) allow you to choose the option UltraFibra that, in the areas reached by the service, even makes its connection fly up to 100 Mbit / s; TIM Smart Fiber of TIM reaches up to 300 Mega in Milan and Super Fiber Family of Vodafone even at 500 Mega in the city of Milan, Turin, Bologna.

Of course, to understand how much you can save with promotions, it is always good to analyze your consumption profile and your needs, in order not to end up with an excessive or insufficient budget, and check for any additional offers:ADSL Fiber and Telephone of Vodafonefor example, it also offers 1 GB of mobile connection per month.

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