How to install a garden lamp

How to install a garden lamp

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How to install a garden lamp: the complete guide to installing a garden lamp with or without electricity.

The easiest way toinstall a garden lamp postconsists in the use of solar-powered street lamps: these do not require any connection to the home electrical network as they are self-powered with an integrated photovoltaic panel. In the absence of a photovoltaic lighting systemorgarden, it will be necessary to prepare aelectrical connection, you will need to bring electricity to the point where you intend to install theStreet lamp.

Forinstall a garden lamp postit will be necessary to arrange the power supply at the exact point where theStreet lamp. The so-called "electrical connection "it must be done by means of an underground cable for outdoor use, connected to the nearest junction box. The cable must be wrapped in a corrugated sheath and must reach the site where theStreet lamp, to better manage the electric cable, a small concrete base must be created that will be hidden by the axis of the lamp post, the driveway or any grass in our garden.

At the point where the power supply arrives, make a small square hole in which to insert a formwork with wooden boards. A few kilograms of concrete will have to be poured into the formwork, just enough to fill the gaps around the electrical cable and ensure a flat surface. When pouring the concrete, it will be necessary to keep the sheath with the electric wire in the center so as to facilitate the operationinstallation of the garden lamp. You will need the small concrete box to support the vertical structure of theStreet lamp. Only when the concrete has consolidated will it be possible to continue with the installation.

Using the base of thelamppost to install, make holes on the concrete box in correspondence with the hooks of the lamp post. The holes must be drilled with a drill fitted with a wall tip having a diameter corresponding to that of the fischer intended for anchoring Street lamp. Remove the superfluous sheath from up to the electrical connection: the earth conductor is connected to the inside of the post, while the phase and neutral junctions are made with cap terminals respecting the colors of the cables. Usually, istreet lampsprovide a space under the base intended to house the excess cables. Make the connections and for any doubt contact the manufacturer of theStreet lamppurchased.

To avoid work related to the electrical connection, the best solution is to installsolar lamps garden.

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