How to remove mold from fabrics

How to remove mold from fabrics

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Theremold on clothesit's a very common drama. Theremoldcomes to invade thewalk-in closetand it is because of spots upfabricswhite and colored, organic cotton or synthetic fabrics ... there is no dress that fits! When themoldarrives inwardrobe none fabric it's safe!

Remedies for mold on fabrics
Eliminate mold stains on fabricsit is by no means a tall order. On this page you will find someremediesnatural forremove mold stains from clothesand fromwalk-in closet, yes, in fact if you don't eliminate the root problem, the mold it will continue to attack the tissues.

How to remove mold stains from fabrics
A great natural remedyagainst themold on fabricsit's milk! It is not necessary to spend capital onproducts to remove mold from fabrics because you already have everything at home, here's what you need:

  • Warm water
  • Milk
  • Soap
  • Lemon juice
  • Sodium chloride (cooking salt)

Here's how to proceed for remove mold stains from clothes

  1. For delicate fabrics
    Impregnate the mold stain in boiling milk. If possible, dip the entire stain in hot milk and leave it to soak until the milk has cooled. On delicate fabrics this procedure should suffice and at the end of the milk bath, themold stainit should be completely gone, so you just have to rinse the garment.
  2. For stubborn stains and synthetic fabrics
    Some fabrics tend to hold themold stains, in this case, in addition to the milk bath it could be indicated, after rinsing, to administer on the stain some lemon juice in which you have dissolved some table salt.This time the installation must be 10 minutes after which you will have to rinse again the boss.

Remove the mold from the cabinet
To TRemove mold from the walk-in closet you can follow our suggestions reported in the articles: "how to get rid of mold from walls" is "anti-mold do it yourself“.

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