How to decorate the garden

How to decorate the garden

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How to decorate the garden: here are our tips for creating a relaxing space, made with furniture components in wood and natural materials, which transmit warmth, while ensuring functionality and aesthetics.

The first furniture component that I propose is theSUN wooden umbrella, available with wooden structure and diameter of 2.5 or 3.5 meters. The cloth is beige in color and the opening mechanism is easy to use and made with quality components. If you have space, my advice is to buy the 3.5-meter model to create larger shaded areas. Currently you can find this item on offer at 44.30 Euro in the garden furniture section of the PignataroShop site.

For the small table you can opt for a model made in natural fibers, like the Vienna coffee table, in honey-colored wicker, to be coupled with the Barina Miele armchair.

The double top of the table allows you to have two support surfaces while maintaining an extremely small footprint (the diameter is 60 cm). This combination of table and chairs is also suitable for use in different environments: possibly even inside your home or under a porch like the one you see below:

Another decor component for your garden which combines aesthetic excellence and practicality is the Meridia food trolley, made of 100% FSC eucalyptus wood.

The measurements are 75.5 cm high, 92 cm wide and 56.5 deep and ensure capacity for all your meals.

Note, on the lower level, the three compartments for storing the bottles, preventing them from overturning during transport.

The large wheels are also very well made, allowing the trolley to be moved easily even on grassy ground or with some roughness.

The final "coup de class" could be the rocking chair in Eucalyptus wood FSC 100%.

Also in this case, perfect aesthetics and design combined with resistance and functionality at the highest levels.

The swing can accommodate 3 people but I hope you can use it "in peace" or with your sweetheart, without "third party inconveniences"! :-)

This article, like all the others I have proposed to you, is available for online purchase in the section Garden furniture of, which offers shipments throughout Italy and offers the "Satisfied or Refunded" guarantee.

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