Domestic wind, is it worth it?

Domestic wind, is it worth it?

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More and more people methey writeto know which one wind turbine agrees install on the house roof; before asking this question, in reality, it would be better to ask ourselves aboutconvenience of a domestic wind power plantand the so-calledmicro-wind.

Domestic wind, is it worth it? Wind speed

Before purchasing a small one domestic wind turbine, it will be necessary to assess the wind conditions of the site where the installation is planned. The roof of the house (or the balcony, the courtyard ...) meets the minimum wind conditions in order to make the purchase of a mini or micro-turbine?

The good news is that for a first approach, you won't need a technician to be able to make this assessment. The average wind speed can be easily checked by consulting the maps of the Wind Atlas of Italy; the bad news is that most of Italy doesn't have a "good" average wind speed, so install oneturbine on the roofit wouldn't be at allcheap:in the vast majority of the Italian territory, the average speed does not exceed 5 m / s, with the exception of islands, coastal areas and some mountain resorts.

Domestic wind, is it worth it? The turbine

Based on the preliminary data collected with the Wind Atlas of Italy, it is possible to make a more rational evaluation of the purchase of awind turbine. For obvious reasons, most families tend to orient themselves on the so-calledmicro-wind. Before buying a turbine, you need to ask yourself a specific question:how much wind does this turbine need to produce electricity (start-up wind)?

When it comes to micro-wind, manyturbinesable to produce discrete energy quantities even with wind speeds lower than 1 m / s. In the articleWind on the roofwe have brought you some models ofdomestic wind turbines, one of these stands the power of 1 kW and manages to producea minimum of energyeven with winds blowing at a speed of 0.5 m / sec.

To maximize the production capacity of awind turbinefor domestic use, the place to install it must be carefully chosen. A good tip is to place thewind generatorat least 5 meters from the ground or in any case 5 meters higher than any obstacles (trees, walls, houses ...). For installation, it is better to use a tubular steel pole capable of placing our wind turbine as high as possible.

To install a domestic wind generator of type "micro wind", No authorization or municipal permit is required. The only condition to be respected is in the construction of the support: the support pole must not exceed 10 meters.

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