Polystyrene separate collection

Polystyrene separate collection

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There separate collection of polystyrene often creates doubts about the correct container to use for correct disposal. The doubt is indeed legitimate because in some small municipalities it is necessary to make a distinction regarding the type of polystyrene to be disposed of while in larger cities no distinction is usually necessary.

TO Rome is Milan, the companies that deal with waste collection, respectively Lovesand theAmsa, they recommend in their websites of throw the polystyrene in the plastic bin.

TO Milan the bags and bins dedicated to the collection of plastic are yellow, as recommended by the EN 16403: 2012 standard relating to color coding at European level in the field of waste management.

Oddly a Rome the bins for the collection of plastic are instead blue.

Same logic also a Turin where theAmiat recommends throwing the polystyrene in plastic bin it's at Naples where theAsia prescribes to throw all kinds of polystyrene in plastic container.

Also to Bologna the Hera group which is in charge of garbage collection recommends throwing all kinds of polystyrene in plastic bin.

In other small municipalities, a distinction based on the type of polystyrene to be disposed of:

- The polystyrene for packaging as it is made of other materials as well as plastic, it must be thrown into the undifferentiated waste collection bag.

- The polystyrene for food on the other hand, it is mostly made of plastic and must therefore be disposed of in the relative bin, after being cleaned of any food residues.

In case of doubt, the ideal would be to identify the presence or absence of one of the following symbols indicating the polystyrene to be recycled in the plastic container:

A phone call to the number of the Municipality can still clarify any doubts.

The correct name of the polystyrene, from the scientific point of view, it is polystyrene, the polymer of styrene. Its discovery dates back to 1839, thanks to the German scientist Eduard Simon.

In addition to packaging and food containers, polystyrene is used as an acoustic and thermal insulator, for example in external insulation systems.

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