Wifi thermostat, prices and models to connect to the smartphone

Wifi thermostat, prices and models to connect to the smartphone

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There are no more excuses for waste, we are in the era of energy efficiency and the market offers us any product to save energy at home. Among these we mention thewifi thermostatwhich with its remote temperature management function could replace even the most modern ones chronothermostat.

There are many models ofwifi thermostats. Thethermostatwith management in remoteit is not new at all, so much so that we were already talking about it at our debut here on the web and in 2012 we provided you with the first review by Nest, thewifi thermostatfamous for having appeared on the Apple Store in the same year. Let's start with this product, theNest wifi thermostat.

All the products on this page arethermostats for smartphones, orwifi thermostatsmanageable and monitored through an application forsmartphonebased on iPhone OS or Android OS operating system. To manage thewifi thermostatswithsmartphoneyou will need to have an internet connection.

Nest wifi thermostat

TheNest thermostat (pictured above) connects to the networkinternet wifiat home through a very intuitive and easy to use user interface. TheNest thermostatit can also be installed in Italy because a version compatible with Europe has been released since 2014.

In the purchase box ofNest wifi thermostatthere is a transformer / connector that communicates theNest thermostatwith the boiler and the home electrical network. During the configuration, you will need to connect theNest thermostatto theWifiat home just as explained in our articleNest thermostat: price, review and installation guide.

Nest thermostat, opinions:after trying the Nest wifi thermostat, we were both pleasantly impressed by the ease of operation of thethermostatitself, and the ease of use of the smartphone application.

The only advice is to make sure you buy the model compatible with Italy in order to simplify the installation procedures explained in detail in our review. Thepricepurchase ofNest thermostatis around 325 euros. We refer you to the link on Amazon, where the Nest wifi thermostat for Italy is offered atcostof 320 euros.

Salus iT500 wifi thermostat

Remaining in the range ofpriceof theNest thermostat, we run into thewifi thermostatSalus iT500. Thecostis 307 euros and like the Nest device it is a programmable intelligent thermostat via the internet from the PC or from special applications for Android and iPhone. We have not personally tested this thermostat but according to opinions and at reviews read online, the thermostat is easy to install on the boiler but it is rather cumbersome to use as the software interface that allows management via wifi is not very intuitive.

The advantage is that, unlike the Nest thermostat, this device does not need a direct connection to the home network because, like the classic thermostats and timer thermostats, it works with 2 AA batteries. For the purchase and the technical data sheet, please refer to the Amazon page dedicated to Salus iT500, wi fi thermostat.

Netatmo wifi thermostat

For those on a more modest budget, theNetatmo wifi thermostat. Just like the Nest, with its integrated software, the Netatmo wifi thermostat it takes into account the characteristics of your home and the weather conditions to independently regulate the temperature. The Netatmo wifi thermostat can be managed viasmartphoneyou buy it atpriceof 179 euros.

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