How to surf for free with your tablet

How to surf for free with your tablet

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Surf for free with your tablet it is not a dream, but a concrete possibility with the various offers of the various telecommunication operators which, especially in the case of fixed-mobile converging rates, allow you to whiz on the Internet, watch films and games in very high definition, hold video conferences on the go without spending one euro.

The tablet is now an indispensable tool, as evidenced by the successes of the iPad, Galaxy Tab and other models that now represent a more than valid alternative to laptops and notebooks; the touch interfaces guarantee a more intuitive and simple approach even for those who do not have great experience in the field of IT. For this to know how surf for free with your tablet can help you get the best out of your own device digital.

For example, those who have activated a rechargeable mobile phone offer with Wind (such as All Digital), can share Gb of traffic with his friends and other devices; so, it is possible surf for free with your tablet exploiting the traffic included, and perhaps largely unused, in the mobile phone offer.

By purchasing a new TIM tablet, on the other hand, until 31 January 2015 you are entitled to 20 gigabytes of free internet traffic and 10 GB of TIM Cloud, to automatically save address book and photographs; at the end of the 30 days, yes will navigate with the tablet following the expected shipping costs.

Other very affordable offers for surf with the tablet without spending or almost can be found on our comparator, where it will also be possible to compare operators' rates by choosing the one that best suits your needs. Without forgetting that it is possible surf with the tablet at no cost even using its own Wi-Fi equipment: there are tools - such as the CheFuturo app! of the credit institution CheBanca! - which propose to map wireless hotspots in Italy, also indicating public and free ones, where anyone is allowed to connect to surf the Net for free.

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