How to install a gas fireplace

How to install a gas fireplace

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How to install a gas fireplace: all the advice and instructions for completing the installation of agas fireplace.

Closed or open chamber gas fireplace
They exist on the marketgas fireplacesprefabricated with open hearth so as to accentuate the realistic effect of the flame. It is important to specify that igas fireplaceswith open hearths (without glass) they are only furnishing accessories, the efficiency in heating is negligible so they cannot be considered heating systems.

On the contrary, igas fireplaceswith closed chamber they have a remarkable efficiency and can heat a room or even different rooms of the house. THEgas fireplacesthey are efficient but their management isrelativelyexpensive as you will be "forced" to pay for fuel, gas. The cheaper alternative involves the use offireplaces or stovesbiomass (wood or pellets), however, a gas fireplaceit can also be integrated into the home heating system.

How to install a gas fireplace
If you do not have the skills, we advise you to leave theinstallation of the gas fireplace in the hands of a qualified heating engineer.
THE gas fireplaces they can also be installed in apartments without a flue precisely because the only combustion that occurs is that of gas and is linked to the electricity grid (in fact if the current fails thegas fireplacestops heating).

To welcome agas fireplacea platform will have to be built at home: the unit ofgas fireplaceit is quite small and in many cases cannot be placed directly on the floor. For the construction of the platform, follow the dimensions required by the manufacturer of thegas fireplace. At the platform it will be necessary to install the piping and set up the power supply. Some fireplaces require several gaskets to fully secure the pipe to the collar.
For thechimney installation, the first thing to do is to fix a straight pipe to the collar, in the upper part of the bio-fireplace, which is why many technicians use concrete. Also in this case it will be necessary to follow the fixing instructions provided by the manufacturer (read the user manual!).

This first connection isn't the hardest part! Indeed, the most delicate phase consists in setting up the direct ventilation system: using a pencil, draw a circle around the second direct tube; using a saw cut the hole following the pencil path.
To complete the installation of the ventilation system, it will be necessary to drill the external wall near the installation position of the gas fireplace. Secure the chimney to the base using putty and slide the straight piece of the pipe used for ventilation through the external hole. To seal the area around the ventilation pipe you will need to use a high-temperature soldering iron.

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