Neem oil, properties and uses

Neem oil, properties and uses

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L'Neem oilit is an excellent ingredient when it comes to body care and natural cosmetics. The creams based onNeem oilthey have a strongly moisturizing power, moreover, the extracts of Neem leaves are perfect for soothing itching, redness and irritation.

L'Neem oilit was effective in fighting small ulcers, pimples and acne. L'neem oil It can be used to make DIY toothpastes, mouthwash and even cosmetic creams. It is also useful for the preparation of insect repellents and natural pesticides for the vegetable garden.

L'Neem oil it is obtained from the cold pressing of fruits and seeds and boasts 40 active ingredients with multiple effects, most of which still need to be scientifically documented.

The story of Neem, the village pharmacy

It has been since the dawn of time thatNeem oilis considered one of thevegetable oilsmore beneficial and healing. L'Neem oilis extracted from the treeAzadirachta Indica, of the Meliacee family, typical of India and Burma.

The tree ofNeemhas numerous propertiesmedicamentousso much so that in India it was nicknamed "The Village Pharmacy ". For centuries, Indians have used neem oil and other extracts to treat pain, fever and infections. Hindus treat their teeth with the twigs of this plant, heal skin disorders (acne, ulcers, dermatitis ...) and drink theinfusion of Neem leaves as a tonic.

In recent years, scientists from the Western world have also shown a growing interest innīm (neem), so much so that a research published in the 1990s states:
“Two decades of research have revealed promising results in so many fields that this obscure species could be hugely useful to both poor and rich countries. Even some of the most cautious researchers say that 'nīm deserves to be called a marvelous plant "*

Neem oil against acne and for skin care

L'Neem oilit can be used in natural cosmetics for cleaning the skin: it is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive and easily flammable skin. It is also suitable for those with acne problems. Among the natural creams based on Neem oil developed to combat acne and care for the driest skin, we highlight the Neem foam for facial cleansing, elimination of acne and complete hydration.

This face cleansing foam combines the soothing and disinfecting effects of Neem oil with the antiseptic properties of turmeric which, in addition, is able to even out the skin tone (both from a color point of view, counteracting spots , both from an elasticity point of view). Turmeric and Neem oil are combined with the softening and toning effects of vetiver, also perfect for fighting pimples and acne.

Neem oil, where to buy it

L'Neem oilit can be found in the best-stocked natural articles shops. We recommend the purchase of anatural oiland / orbio.When buying, if you choose a "pure" Neem oil, pay attention to the smells: natural neem oil does not smell very good, so better choose one that contains natural essences or enrich it with mint essential oil.

The price of Neem oil fluctuates a lot, often in natural shops it is offered at a price of 15 - 18 euros but online it is available for around 10 euros. For example, a 250ml bottle of 100% Pure Neem Oil (refined and therefore without particular smells and which preserves all its properties unchanged because it is pure) costs 14.99 euros and is available on Amazon with free shipping costs.

How to make a homemade toothpaste with Neem oil

Homemade natural toothpaste: thanks toNeem oil you can make a good DIY toothpaste. Just add a few drops of Neem oil 2 tablespoons of baking soda, a few drops of peppermint and vegetable glycerin to dilute. Vegetable glycerin can be found in the most well-stocked shops of natural products or online, 1 liter costs 12.95 euros with free shipping: 1 Liter liquid vegetable glycerin.

Other vegetable oils with interesting properties:

  • Macadamia oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Argan oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Linseed oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil

* Source: Neem - A Tree for Solving Global Problems, Washington, National Academy Press, 1992. Edited by Noel Vietmeyer.

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