Around the world with the Solar Impulse 2

Around the world with the Solar Impulse 2

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We have already told you about the solar airplane Solar Impulse, the high-wing four-engine ultralight aircraft capable of flying over the earth powered exclusively by solar energy.

Solar Impulseit is not just a winged solar-powered prototype, it is an entire Swiss construction project. The first prototype ofSolar Impulseit bears the code name HB-SIA and was presented to the public on June 26, 2009, making its first flight in December of the same year. The HB-SIA is not the only prototype, the project Solar Impulse has seen strong evolutions with the construction of the so-calledSolar Impulse 2 (or Solar Impulse II), codenamed HB-SIB. Solar Impulse 2 is capable of trans-continental and trans-oceanic flights.


It is precisely with theSolar Impulse 2 thatBertrand Piccard and André Borschberg(founder and co-founder, as well as pilots of Solar Impulse) plan to go around the world flying and without burning a single milliliter of fuel. Around the world aboard the Solar Impulse 2 it will depart from Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates; no particular date has been set, the approximate period is between the end of February and the beginning of March while the return is set for the end of July and the beginning of August.


After crossing the Pacific Ocean flying over Hawaii, the Solar Impulse 2 will fly over US territory to stop in three locations: Phonix and New York City's JFK airport, while the third leg will be decided based on weather conditions. After crossing the Atlantic, the final stop will include a stop in Southern Europe or North Africa before returning to the starting point, Abu Dhabi.

The stages of theSolar Impulse 2they are necessary to change drivers and organize public events. In addition to those already mentioned there will be events in India, China, Burma and Oman, just withSolar Impulse 2protagonist.

With this route, theSolar Impulse 2it will cover 35,000 kilometers with routes that are up to 5 days and 5 nights…. we hope the pilot will not feel too alone! The unpressurized cabin of theSolar Impulse 2it has room for only one person: the pilot.


More information on theSolar Impulse 2
The solar plane has a wingspan of 72 meters, higher than that of aAirbus A380which incidentally is the largest airliner in the world. The weight of theSolar Impulse 2it has nothing to do with that of aAirbus, in fact, it weighs only 2,300 kg and has a non-pressurized cockpit equipped to ensure the survival of the pilot for a whole week.

With our attempt to complete the first flight powered by solar energy, we want to show that thanks to technology and renewable energy it is possible to achieve previously unimaginable goals "said Bertrand Piccard, one of the two visionary pilots and entrepreneurs who carried out the project. "We want everyone, young people, administrators, politicians to understand that what we can do in the air with Solar Impulse, it is possible to reproduce it on the ground, every day, each of us".

In fact, Bertrand Piccard is not all wrong, after all there are already solar-powered cars and even catamarans!


Solar Impulse 2it can count on 12,000 solar cells that with the energy produced allow it to fly at a speed ranging from 50 to 100 km / h.

Solar Impulse it is not the first solar plane, but it is the first capable of crossing oceans and continents, remaining in the air for several days and nights in a row ", explained André Borschberg, co-founder of Solar Impulse and co-pilot. “Now we have to ensure the sustainability of the pilot in order to complete the course; Solar Impulse 2 must achieve what no other aircraft in aviation history has achieved: flying without fuel for 5 consecutive days and 5 nights, with a single pilot in a non-pressurized cockpit ".

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