Is the pellet stove worth it?

Is the pellet stove worth it?

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You want to improve home comfort and are considering purchasing onepellet stoveand you have arrived at the fateful question: thepellet stove is worthwhile? On this page we analyze the costs related to pellet stoves.

Pellet stove, is it worth it? The fuel

Thepellets, betweentypes of fuel for stoves, is what can present a good saving margin.How much does a pellet stove save?It is estimated that oneleather stove, in a single season, can cut heating costs from a minimum of 100 euros to a maximum of 1,200 euros, depending on the type of system it integrates.
The maximum of 1,200 euros is reached when thepellet stovealongside an LPG system, you save about 525 euros when thepellet stoveintegrates a centralized diesel system or about 100 euros if the pellet stove alongside a methane plant.

In any case, the estimates are always very indicative, especially when they do not provide data on the capacity of the tested stove, the quantity of pellets burned and the heat produced. To get an idea of ​​the prices of pellets, we refer you to the articleHow to buy good pellets, as always happens, the greatest savings it is obtained by purchasing large quantities of pelletsthen consider this too: you may have nowhere to store an entire floor of bags of pellets? The place must be dry and free of humidity so as not to affect the quality of the pellets purchased.

Is the pellet stove worth it? The incentives

The eventualconvenience of the pellet stoveit is not only related to fuel but also to incentives for the purchase. First of all we point out the thermal account (seehow to access the thermal account), provided by the GSE and very convenient for those who intend to replace an old heating system by choosing pellet stoves or other more efficient systems. Other incentives for those who want to buy one pellet stove consist of tax deductions for building renovations, in this case the incentive amounts to 36 percent of the expenditure incurred.
If with the Thermal Account the user receives a real cash refund, with the restructuring bonus the incentive is paid in the form of a personal income tax deduction. In this regard, we refer you to the articles:
- tax deductions for restructuring
- personal income tax deductions to be presented with 730 or the Single Model

Is the pellet stove worth it? Prices

The purchase cost of onepellet stoveit becomes much cheaper if you access one of the incentives just mentioned. In any case, prices fluctuate a lot but if we want a pellet stove capable of efficiently assisting the heating of the house, we must be ready to spend approximately 1,500 euros to which it will be necessary to add the costs for installation.

To choose the power of the pellet stove best suited to your needs, I refer you to the article "How to calculate the thermal power". When choosing a pellet stove, remember that 30 percent of the heat diffuses directly into the room where it is placed. It is therefore ideal for open spaces, however, with a ducting system, the heat can be brought to adjacent rooms.

We advise you to choose a quality pellet stove, with a heat output higher than 20 percent. To get an idea of ​​the prices of pellet stoves, please visit the page dedicated to Amazon's pellet stoves; please, do not dwell only on the price but also on the power and technical characteristics of the stove.

If you are already thinking about it, take a look at the article "Fireplace or stove? ".

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