How to make homemade olive oil

How to make homemade olive oil

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How to make oil at home: a quick and practical guide that will explain how oil is made at home with the cold pressing of the olives.

If your dream is to embrace the self-production of what you bring to the table, you need two things: a vegetable garden and good manual skills.

From the earth you will be able to produce the raw material and with the processing of the raw material you will have a marginal need to stock up at a supermarket. Of course, the thought of completely avoiding shopping at the supermarket would be presumptuous but… we can prepare a lot at home!

Among the products that we can prepare at home is theextra virgin olive oil. Not only extra virgin olive oil, also pumpkin seed oil, macademia oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil… and so on. A small press is enough to transform oil seeds into a perfect, clear, natural and condimenthome made (homemade).

How olive oil is produced

To produce cooking oil, the so-called "Pressing" in the mills. In the mills the olives undergo a process known asmilling, ie quintals and quintals of olives are "pulped", the stone is divided from the pulp.

The pulp forms a paste, made up of water and oil. The pasta, in the mills, is kept at a temperature not exceeding 27 ° C. This is why we speak ofcold pressing!

From this paste, the oil is then extracted by a machine that is able to divide the liquid from the pulp and then further split the liquid phase. The liquid phase, in fact, is given by oil and water.

Don't worry, though prepare homemade olive oil (as well as to prepare many other oils of vegetable origin) you will not need a crusher or special machines, you just need a stainless steel press or a small press.

Some producers, in fact, from the pulp are able to take the so-calledsurfaced oil. L'surfaced oilit is the most expensive product made from olive oil.

The oil that emerges on the surface of the paste is precisely called "surfaced oil". This product is usually very expensive, hard to find but… trust me, it's worth it! You will feel like you are tasting real olive oil for the first time!

How to make oil at home

In specialized stores, but also online, there are several premultiples created for the production ofhomemade oil, almond milk but also liqueurs or to press aubergines to be made in oil. The same press can be used to prepare the so-called cracklings, zucchini in oil, salted sardines and many other productshome made.

In the case ofhomemade olive oil, the production is simple.

Just insert the olives at the right ripeness and turn the press. On the market there are electric or manual presses. In reality, you could also use a simple vegetable mill (if made of good quality steel) but in this case, in a day's work you would be able to get just a glass of oil!

Formaking oil at home, all you have to do is put the olives in the press, operate it, collect the pasta and wait.

The olive paste is ready when droplets of oil begin to emerge on the surface which you will have to remove with extreme patience and attention. It will besurfaced oil, the most valuable and expensive variety of extra virgin olive oil on the market.

If you have never heard of it before, it is normal. The surfaced oil is a delicacy that only a few oil mills decide to produce. Production is usually small and intended for an elite audience. To understand the value of the surfaced oil that you are going to produce at home, just look at the market prices: a 750 ml bottle of surfaced oil has an average price of 25 - 35 euros. To make a comparison, extra virgin olive oil with the BIO brand costs on average 10 - 15 euros per liter.

Electric or manual press

As stated, there are numerous on the marketpressesfor domestic use, both electric and manual. Electric presses are quite expensive but those who have a small olive grove would do well to buy it.

Different speech for the manual presses that are bought with a budget of 40 - 50 euros. For all information, please visit the Amazon page dedicated to presses for domestic use: press-all press, prices and models.

The small press in the photo below is indicated for the production of apple cider, wine, oil and other liquid extracts from fruit or vegetables.

It has a capacity of 12 liters but from the appearance it seems to be more suitable for pressing fruit but those who want to try their hand can try it for homemade olive oil production. It would certainly not be suitable for seed oil production.

This press-press is offered on Amazon at a price of 104.99 euros and free shipping costs, it is made with an iron base and a solid wood casing that forms the body of the press.

For every information:Press, professional manual press

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