How to eliminate drafts with DIY

How to eliminate drafts with DIY

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How to eliminate drafts with DIY intelligent. Tips for eliminating air infiltrations and sealing drafts in doors and windows.

Among the good rules to save on winter heating and summer cooling, there is always the rule ofeliminate drafts from doors and windows. It is true, windows are the weak link in the insulation of a building, they weigh on our bills and undermine the thermal comfort of the house.

How to eliminate heat loss with DIY

It is for this reason that we will explain to you today how to eliminate drafts with DIY with all the instructions and products to seal the drafts that are generated on the frames of doors and windows. Do it yourself allows you to solve big problems with a few euros.

Fordo it yourself to eliminate draftsall you have to do is purchase specific products to install on the profiles ofdoors or windowsbut nothing alarming: the expense fordo it yourself to eliminate drafts, ranges from 5 euros up to a maximum of 40 - 50 euros when it is necessary to intervene on more windows.

With the same strategies it is possibleseal the draftsentering the house from the box of a roller shutter. A badly insulated box can cause the onset of mold, bad smells, humidity and burden the air conditioning system of the house. For the complete guide, please visit the page:how to isolate the shutter box.

Preliminary cleaning

Before installing one of these products, it is necessary to carefully clean the frame to be insulated, especially in the area where you will apply thedraft excluders.

The expertise of your cleaning will have to increase exponentially when you go to install aeliminates draftsunder doors or windows that are in contact with the floor. Given the location, the draft excluders will be in constant contact with dust; perhaps you have never thought about it but together with the air of the drafts, a lot of dust also enters from those cracks which at this juncture will be held back or slowed down bydraft excluders.

Sealants to eliminate small cracks

Not just profiles! Adhesive draft excluders can be very useful but, in case of small cracks in door and window frames, you can intervene with silicone-based sealants to be applied with a piston system and very thin nozzle.

Sealing the drafts of doors and windows (or even electrical sockets) with silicone is very simple. These products are useful not only near the walls but also on the frame itself (perhaps when this is made of wood and very dated, to better fix the glass).

There are white, gray or transparent sealants on the market. Choose the product that best suits your needs. Generally, all silicones on the market are suitable for these materials:

  • uPVC
  • Metals
  • Wood

In case of large holes in metal or wood, more than a sealant you should aim for specific fillers. There are, in fact, two-component fillers for wood, aluminum, iron and other metals.

For the use of the sealant:

  • Thoroughly clean the surface and, with a solvent, remove any traces of the old glue.
  • Cut the tip of the applicator by making a very small hole in correspondence with the thread made by the manufacturer.
  • Apply using the special nozzle.

Silicone has no expiration date and, if well maintained, can last even more than a year after being opened! Store the cartridge in a dry place, away from frost or direct sunlight.

To get an idea of ​​the amount of sealants on the market and their price, we invite you to visit the Amazon page dedicated to sealants; you can find it at this address.

How to eliminate drafts with DIY

As stated, fordo it yourself to eliminate draftsit will be necessary to purchase small ad hoc devices.

When the drafts they come from under the doors or from the perimeter area of ​​doors and windows, it is not possible to use silicones! In this case it is possible to use different devices, all easy to install.

In this paragraph we will point out some of them but make sure you always make your choices based on the specific characteristics of the window or door to be insulated.

  • Tesa - Transparent Door Sill Rod

It is a rod that must be installed under the door using a strong-hold adhesive band. The shaft has very dense nylon bristles that protect against drafts, cold and dust.

Gluing is very simple and effective. The rod measures one meter in length, so if your door is smaller you will need to get some wire cutters to shorten it: the rod is made of PVC but has a metal component so classic scissors are not enough.

This product is suitable for doors and windows of any thickness but covers drafts caused by cracks up to 12 mm in height. The product is marketed at a price of 10.89 euros on Amazon but those who do not like online purchases can also find it from Leroy Merlin.

  • Stormguard Rubber draft excluder, self-adhesive

Sometimes it happens that the drafts do not come only from the bottom of the door or window, often the drafts come from the entire profile of a window!

In this case it is necessary to apply an additional thickness in the internal part of the window, so to speak, the one that comes into contact with the wall or with the frame of doors and windows. The product that we have just reported to you is made of rubber and adds an extra thickness ranging from 4 mm to 7 mm.

It is a self-adhesive rubber, easy to install and also to cut. The overall length of the roll is 7 meters. The product is offered on Amazon at a price of 12.50 euros. A similar product (3 meters long) Jumbo Rubber Foam always offered on Amazon at a price of 16.00 euros.

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