Yoga, benefits and information

Yoga, benefits and information

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Yoga, benefitspsychological and physical. The impact that yoga has on the emotional, sexual, physical and mental spheres. Let's go through all the benefits together.

THEbenefits of yogathey are multiple and embrace every sphere of their existence at 360 °.

Theyogait is considered excellentnatural remedyfor those suffering from back pain and anxiety, a good remedy to improve fertility and sex life and to increase daily well-being. For the many virtues of yoga, we dedicate this page to yours benefits.

Who can practice yoga

Theyogait is a practice that has no age, sex or space limits: it can be practiced anywhere and at all ages; for those who intend to practice yogaindependently, better think twice: some yoga positions may have somecontraindicationstherefore it is good to rely (at least for the first time) on a good expert teacher who will be able to show you the best. For those who really don't want to give up thedo-it-yourself, better to use illustrated manuals containing the figurative cards of the different onesyoga positions to do at home.

Someyoga positionpresentcontraindicationsfor those subject to particular physical conditions.

Yoga, benefits and weight loss

Let's start with the first question, probably the most common: doing yoga makes you lose weight? In principle, yes, but it cannot be considered a practice with a high caloric requirement.

To practiseyogafirst of all, it allows you to improve the relationship with your body, increase flexibility and muscle mobility. THE benefits of yoga on the muscles and muscle flexibility are not to be underestimated for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and want to burn calories.

Some estimates state that with an hour ofyogait is possible to burn 400 calories but this statement is rather odd because it does not refer to the positions or the type of movement of the body: yoga is a very vast discipline and it is not possible to generalize.

Returning to the questionyoga makes you lose weight?
The answer is a firm yes but those who want to burn more calories should aim for particular varieties of this discipline like it dynamic yoga.

To meet the need to lose weight and lose weight, in the West, many types ofdynamic yoga.

To lose weight, it is recommended to practice Power Yoga, Yoga Fit or Yogilates. Also, there are spinoffs ofyogamore lively, better known as dynamic yoga: Ashtanga Yoga, Yofa Flow and Anusara yoga are types ofyogawhich are based on the movement of the body intended as a fluid passage from one asana to another.

For more information: yoga for weight loss

Yoga, sexual benefits

After clarifying the correlations between "losing weight and yoga", let's move on to another equally tempting question: Is it possible to improve one's sex life by practicing yoga? This time the answer is a firm yes!

Those who practice yoga tend to improve the relationship with their body by becoming more uninhibited between the sheets and more predisposed to meeting the other.

These physical benefitsthey are not far-fetched but are the result of a study conducted inHarvardfrom which it emerged that 75 percent of women devoted to the practice ofyogaexperience longer and more pleasurable orgasms.

THEsexual benefits of yogaare also tangible for men: it would seem that those who practice yoga are able to counteract premature ejaculation even more effectively than those who use antidepressants such asProzac.

Otherssexual benefitsare closely related to fertility: in the USA, medical centers dealing with infertility problems often combine specific treatments with different yoga sessions.

Yoga, mental benefits

THE mental benefitsispsychologicalof theyoga they are innumerable. This practice allows you to improve stress and anxiety management and increase concentration.

The movements of the body and the positions of theyogacan improve our ability to concentrate: abenefitindispensable for driving more safely, for preparing exams, carrying out exercises, for office work and in general for everyday life.

Benefits of yoga on anxiety

Among the advantages of yoga practice there is also a greater ability to manage stress and anxiety. These benefits would also seem to be related to the practice of meditation. To learn how to manage anxiety states with yoga breathing techniques, you can take advantage of deep breathing. For more information, please refer to the article dedicated toYoga breathing.

Yoga, psychological benefits

Thanks to the techniques ofyoga breathingit would be possible to getpsychological benefitsthat go far beyond the management of anxiety and stress. According to yoga programs based on Mindfulness, it would be possible to treat insomnia and be able to manage the symptoms of depression such as lack of energy, mistrust, sadness and fatigue.

Do it yourself yoga

Those who want to try their hand at yoga can take advantage of our mini-guides:yoga positions to do at home.

International Yoga Day

The 193 members of the United Nations General Assembly have determined that theworld yoga dayorInternational Yoga Dayis set for June 21st.

The first World Yoga Day took place on 21 June 2015 and saw a turnout of 36,000 people, including Indian Prime Minister Naredra Modi. The main event took place in New Delhi where famous masters involved enthusiasts in performing 21 yoga asanas for 35 minutes. The New Delhi event entered the Guinness Book of Records as the yoga class with the largest number of participants and the largest number of nationalities! For further information:world yoga day.

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