How to make artichokes alla giudia

How to make artichokes alla giudia

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How to make artichokes alla giudia: let's discover together the traditional recipe to prepare exquisite artichokes alla giudia.

The history ofartichokes alla giudia
That of artichokes alla giudíait's arecipetraditional cuisineJudeo-Romanesque: the original recipe consists of a particular frying of artichokes.

The recipe ofartichokes alla giudiahas a very ancient origin, they are even mentioned in the recipe books and memory of the sixteenth century. The dish, of Roman origin, was born in the Jewish ghetto of Rome, where even today, several restaurants offer it as a "main dish of the house".

In fact, iartichokes alla giudia, for the Jews, they were the dish served to break the kippur fast, after the traditional 24 hours of prayer dedicated to the atonement.

Giudia artichokes, the variety to choose
To prepare theartichokes alla giudiain a workmanlike manner, it is necessary to start from the ingredients desired by tradition; the original recipe calls for the use of cimaroli artichokes, also calledviolets, which are perfect in the variety "Roman dialect“, Widespread throughout Italy but originally cultivated in the areas between Ladispoli and Civitavecchia.

Roman cimaroli have a rounded shape, are particularly tender and above all they are free of thorns and internal hair. Thanks to this last feature, iartichokes alla giudia, once cooked, they can be eaten whole without discarding anything.

How to do i artichokes alla giudia, recipe
The ingredients for:

  • 8 large artichokes of the said varietyRoman sweet breasts(or Cimaroli Romaneschi). Remember, artichokes must be round and without internal thorns.
  • 1 lemon
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Wash the artichokes well and remove the harder outer leaves. To better understand how to do this, we refer you to the articlehow to clean artichokes.
  • Also clean the stem, removing the outer part. Leave 4-5 cm of stem, the most tender and edible one.
  • To keep the artichokes from darkening, immerse them in a container filled with water and the juice of one lemon. Let it sit for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, mash the artichokes upside down on a wooden surface, making sure that the leaves open.
  • In a large, fairly large pan, heat the oil for frying.
  • Fry a few artichokes at a time (the pan should not be very full!); cook the artichokes upside down over low heat.
  • After a few minutes, turn the artichokes and mash them again but this time adjust the flame to a lively position, with a strong flame the artichokes will become crunchy.
  • Season with salt and pepper

To flavor them, someone adds pink pepper, parsley and bacon.

What to do with artichoke waste? How about an excellent cremina? The instructions can be found in the articleHow to use the outer leaves of the artichoke.


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