How to sow garlic

How to sow garlic

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How to sow garlic: instructions for planting garlic in pots or in the vegetable garden starting from the bulbs you use in the kitchen. A simple and practical guide to garlic cultivation.

L'garlic it often proves to be a precious ally in the kitchen, thanks to its healing properties and its aroma able to enrich any dish. Not only that, its use is also widely used in natural cosmetics or as a pesticide in the agrotechnical sector.

How to plant sprouted garlic

There cultivation of garlic it does not require special cultivation knowledge, so much so that you can cultivate itstarting with thatsproutedforgotten in the bottom drawer of the fridge.

For growing garlic in potsor in the garden, in fact, you just need to get some cloves (garlic cloves) to perform the sowing. Let's see in detail how to sow garlic in the garden giving you all the useful information.

When to grow garlic, sowing period

Garlic can be sown in the periods October-November or February-March (in the temperate areas of Southern Italy even in January). Garlic resists up to 10 degrees below zero, even if the ideal temperature for its growth is between 12 and 23 °.

Garlic, moon and sowing

The best time forplant garlic falls between the fifth day before the full moon and the first day after the full moon, so garlic should be planted in the very first phase of the crescent moon.

How to sow garlic

Here are all the information on how to sow, irrigate and how to harvest garlic.

How to sow garlic

For sow garlic we can use the cloves that make up the bulb, these cloves of garlic are called bulbils, before planting them, they should not be cleaned.

In practice, when we happen to use it in the kitchen, you will have to remember to put aside the largest and most beautiful cloves, so, at the time of sowing we will have our supply ready. For thecultivation of garlicyou can also use wedges ofsprouted garlic, in this case, success is guaranteed!

Place the wedge with the tip facing up, just below the surface of the ground. If the garlic clove has sprouted, make sure that the green portion comes into contact with the light (because it is photosynthetic, it contains chlorophyll), while burying only the bulb.

If your soil is too clayey and heavy, it is better to place the cloves on small bumps, to facilitate the flow of water.

Planting layout or vessel size

Put the bulbils 15 cm apart on the row and leave 20-30 cm between one row and the other.

If, however, timessow garlic in pots, you just need a container with a diameter of 25 - 30 cm for each plant to grow.

How to sow garlic

Avoid fertilizing before planting because the excess humus favors the growth of the leaves, but not that of the bulbs, so add a little peat or a low amount of compost.

How to sprout garlic

To favor the formation of new bulbs you can resort to vernalization. Just keep the bulbils in a cool place (or in the fridge) for about 8 days before sowing, at a temperature of 1-10 °. With this operation they will be ready to germinate faster.

How to grow garlic in the vegetable garden or in the garden: intelligent associations

Many do not know that garlic repels parasites, so if you have a vegetable garden, you can grow it along the perimeter. Garlic is also useful for warding off parasites from many ornamental plants, including, first of all, roses.

To take advantage of the antiparasitic properties of garlic, you can grow it close to strawberries, raspberries or fruit trees. Again, green light for the intercropping of garlic with tomatoes.

Associations with beans, green beans, broad beans, peas and all vegetables that require too much water are definitely not recommended, because too much moisture disturbs the garlic.

How to irrigate garlic

Irrigation must be carried out at the time of planting and suspended before harvesting, while during the vegetative cycle the garlic makes use of the water resources present in the soil, so you must water only in case of prolonged drought!

When to harvest garlic

After seeing how to sow garlic, let's move on to collected. The collected it can be performed on sunny days with dry weather.

When to harvest garlic? When the leaves are completely dry. How is garlic harvested? Harvesting should be done by lifting the plants with the pitchfork to avoid tearing the stem, which could later be useful for creating beautiful garlic braids. Clean them from the earth and let them dry in the sun, then store them upside down in a dry place.

Red garlic, where to find it

White garlic is easier to store, but those who prefer a more delicate and aromatic flavor can opt for the red garlic variety. Where to find it? You can find the bulbs at any agricultural consortium or by taking advantage of the online purchase. TO "this Amazon page”Find several proposals of red garlic ready for cultivation.

It may be useful to you: black garlic.

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