Chow chow: character and price of the dog with the purple tongue

Chow chow: character and price of the dog with the purple tongue

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Chow chow: the Chinese dog with the purple tongue. But have you ever wondered why? Why Chinese is hard to say, but why he has a purple tongue remains a mystery. A mystery that al chow chow himself really like to keep with his character decisive, decidedly loyal but reserved.

When there is mystery, legends are created, metropolitan and, in this case above all, Asian and mystical. Obviously around the purple tongue. There is the one that tells of a seriously ill monk who, no longer able to gather wood to warm himself with fire, in the middle of a freezing winter, was helped by his dogs. And they were just gods chow chow: they went into the woods to collect some wood in its place but they found some logs charred by a fire. Here is the language becoming, and forever remaining purple, of generation of chow chow in generation.

Another legendary hypothesis around the purple tongue of the chow chow even brings up the Buddha. We see him intent on painting the sky blue in the company of a chow chow who, always attentive to his master, also began to clean with his tongue all the drops of heaven that had fallen to the ground, coloring it forever purple.

Back with our feet on the ground we can say that the purple color of the tongue of the chow chow it is given by the presence of pigmented cells, or cells that contain coloring elements. It is not a result of evolution but it is one somatic feature proper to this breed. Humans aren't, but animals often have colored or blotchy mouths.

THE chow chow, Chinese purple-tongued dogs, in truth they are not even born so purple in the mouth, but they become so in a couple of months. Mandatory, however, and woe betide if this doesn't happen: the dog chow chow which have pink spots left is not considered purebred.

There are some Chinese Shar Pei that have the blue-black tongue, but these are only certain specimens, not all pure ones, as for the chow chow. They are the only ones in the animal kingdom, together with some types of bears to present this particularity. Here a part of paleontologists has hypothesized that there may be a link of evolution and that i chow chow may descend from the lemicyon, an animal halfway between the cynoelesmus, the ancestor of dogs, and the daphoneus, ancestor of bears. This would justify the 44 teeth of the chow chow, like bears, instead of just 42 of the other dogs.

Chow Chow: puppies

Purple tongue be it, and remain so, but the chow chow it is a genealogically recognized dog breed, indeed, it is one of the oldest so that it is difficult to trace its origin, which is why puppies are very precious and sought after, even if not so rare.

In China it became popular even 2000 years ago, it was highly appreciated by the emperors for its flair and great strength, as well as for its certainly peculiar language. But at the time, more pragmatic, the Chinese used it without asking too many questions even as a puppy as a watchdog for houses and boats, and as a hunting dog for wolves and big game. The chow chow he is also seen as a cart-pulling dog and served at the table. Yes, the fur and meat of this dog, like others, are highly sought after by the Chinese and Koreans who often start breeding it on purpose. Terrible if you see how cute puppies are, it seems impossible for anyone to have the courage to eat them, yet!

The name chow chow it would derive from the ancient term "chaou" or "tchaou" which indicates the Chinese traders who went to Europe to sell their goods. It is thanks to them that the first examples of chow chow dog arrived in England in 1780, then around 1875 a specimen was introduced even in Windsor Castle.

Also in England, the first country in Europe to host it, the chow chow it began to be bred, in 1887, and in 1894 it obtained the recognition of a canine breed. Another important acknowledgment, even if unofficial, is to enter the good graces of the zoologist Konrad Lorenz, author of the famous book "And man met the dog", and also of the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

Chow chow dwarf

The chow chow, a Chinese purple-tongued dog, is classified among the spitz and primitive type dogs, morphologically as "Lupoid". It varies from 25 to 38 kg, the males are about 50 cm tall or a little more, the females a little less, but i chow chow they are generally compact and short, well proportioned and muscular dogs. There are also smaller versions but there is no general mention of dwarf specimens.

To characterize them, in addition to purple tongue, also a thick mane that gives this breed a nice lion-like appearance. Even his walk does not go unnoticed: he seems to be on stilts chow chow when it proceeds, on the fingertips, like a cat, even if it maintains, as the cat does, a proud and dignified bearing.

The tail of the chow chow it is always carried over the back, its eyes are dark, almond-shaped, and rather small and clear, with a beautiful massive and heavy head, as heavy is the bone. The hair can be long or short, but the first is what you are wearing chow chow it is more frequent, in the colors red, fawn, black, blue, cream and white. A chow chow white is rare, and with apurple tongue it must also have a certain effect.

Chow chow: character

Despite this somewhat bizarre feature, the chow chow he is a quiet, loyal but independent and aloof dog. It cannot be said that he is not a company, even if reserved: he is a good friend, a member of the family, whether you live in a house with a garden or in an apartment. Sure, the chow chow it needs daily movement, it is not a stuffed animal, even if at times, due to its beauty and soft fur, it resembles it.

As for the hair, the chow chow, so leonino, it is clear that it requires constant care and cleaning of the coat. There are many great brushes to use, but it takes consistency and you don't buy one. Constancy and love, to brush him while, in silence, he enjoys the caresses.

He almost never barks, never inappropriately, so ours chow chow he will understand that we are taking care of him and making him beautiful. With the other dogs the chow chow he's not very outgoing, but he sure wants to look good anyway: that doesn't mean he's going to strike up a conversation with his fellows, but it doesn't mean he's going to grumpy at them either. The purple tongue, and more, makes the chow chow a very special dog, nice to the eye but with a tough character.

Chow chow: breeding

In Italy and throughout Europe there are numerous farms of this breed which, however, has its price as it is highly sought after. It is important if we decide to take a specimen of chow chow, to be convinced of it and to be aware of the fact that this dog needs a lot of hardships especially because of the hair that must absolutely be kept well. Not just clean. It also needs motion so as not to get heavy.

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