Solar shields, guide to deductions

Solar shields, guide to deductions

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Thesolar shieldsthey can help improve the energy efficiency of buildings especially in the summer season; as required by the 2015 Stability Law, whoever buyssolar shieldscan benefit fromdeductions at 65%.

Let's see in detail what thesolar shieldswho can benefit fromtax deductions at 65%and how to apply.

Solar screens that can access 65% deductions

They can access theEcobonus 2015 all thesolar shieldsindicated in the EN 13562, EN 13659 and EN 13120 standards; in practical terms, the buyer will be able to access thedeductions of 65%on the purchase ofsolar shieldslike:

  • awnings
  • roller blinds
  • movable canopies
  • veranda curtains
  • pergolas with veranda screen
  • external skylights
  • outdoor wintergarten
  • mosquito nets
  • Venetian
  • shutters
  • shutters
  • sunshades
  • pleated solar screens
  • technical indoor curtains installed in relation to the glazed surface and for the purpose of providing shade to the room
  • technical blackout closures

They are excluded fromtax deductions at 65%decorative curtains which are not intended to provide shade to the premises.

Discounts for the purchase of sun screens

The market offers a wide range of sunscreens, in addition thedeductions at 65%I'm not the only one incentive in force for the purchase of this type of garrison.


Between concessions for energy saving 2015 we point out the Thermal Account that we propose to offer concessionsalso on the purchase and installation ofsolar shields.

If the Ecobonus provides an incentive in the form of a tax deduction, the Thermal Account encourages the purchase by reimbursing part of the amount spent for the purchase ofsolar shields. The Thermal Account reimburses part of the purchase with two payments or checks.


Theconcessionsfor the purchase ofsolar shieldsthey will also be active for the next few years with the procedures clarified only for the Ecobonus, in fact the Thermal Account is a type of incentive "while supplies last" but given the abundance of funds, various extensions are envisaged.

How thedeductions for sun screens?

  • The 65% deductions are intended to amortize the purchase and installation ofsolar shields, with a maximum spending ceiling of 60 thousand euros.
  • The deductionsforsolar shields provided for byEcobonus 2016 will see a sharp decrease: the tax deduction will go from the current 65% to 36%.

How to access tax deductions for the purchase of solar shading?

The methods of accessing the incentive are the same as for the renovation bonus, the furniture bonus and the appliance bonus. That is to say that the request must be made in conjunction with the tax return.

What do you need to access deductions for sun screens

  • Bank transfer receipt
  • Transaction receipt (for credit or debit card payments)
  • debit documentation on the current account
  • invoices for the purchase of goods, showing the nature, quality and quantity.

For the complete procedure you can refer to the instructions we have released onHow to access the mobile bonus.

Advice on choosing the type of sun screens 

As stated, there are different types of solar shading on the market. At the time of purchase, we advise you to think carefully about some characteristics such as thermal transmittance, light reflectance and absorbance. To make the best choice we invite you to read our in-depth analysis entitled "Solar screens, what are they“.


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