Bull terrier: characteristics, origins, dimensions and price

Bull terrier: characteristics, origins, dimensions and price

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Bull terrier: comes from Great Britain, since the 19th century, even if it is a breed officially since 1933. The bull terrier is part of group 3, "section" terriers and what we know today derives directly from the "Bull and Terrier", A formidable fighting dog, but it is the result of the cross between the Old English Bulldog and various terrier breeds.

Bull terrier: origins

The story of the bull terrier and to understand both its character and physical appearance, which we will see later, it is important to know it. We have to go to nineteenth-century England, when there was a lot of fighting between dogs of various kinds or even between dogs and other animals, such as bears for example.

In these struggles, i "Bull", bulldogs in the first place, more ruthless and ferocious, were selected precisely to win. It is precisely in this search for the most aggressive warrior, in an attempt to obtain a more agile and dynamic race, determined and loose, that the bull terrier.

It all started with pairing the bulldog with some terriers, and an "ideal" dog was born, the "Bull and Terrier, then crossed again with the" White English Terrier ", with the" Dalmatian "and other breeds. The result was the bull terrier, nn 1887 the first breed club was born, in 1933 the official recognition, suffered, sweaty but deserved.

The first true example of bull terrier, a female named Puss, was born in 1862 while the first "modern" bull terrier arrived in 1917, after a further interbreeding of Puss and descendants, also with other races such as Dalmatian, Greyhound, Spanish Pointer, Foxhound and Whippet,Collie. The goal of these "adjustments" was to increase the elegance of the bull terrier and, specifically, reduce the "stop" of the nose.

Bull terrier: color

Born white, but with health problems, the bull terrier it also acquires variants with other colors and, not white, it became part of the breed only in the fifties. Among the "colored" the "brindle”Is generally the favorite color. Another variation on the theme bull terrier is by size: the miniature arrived. "Model" even more companion dog.

Bull terrier: dimensions

Already the bull terrier, miniatures aside, it is of medium-small size, compact and robust, of solid constitution, strong and very muscular. The peculiarity is its head, one of a kind: some enemies of the bull terrier they would mock him by calling him an "egg head" or "tapir" but it has nothing to do with his expression, which is always intelligent and decisive.

They are not there for the bull terrier weight and height limitations, except for the miniatures with a maximum height of 35.5 cm at the withers. For the weight indicatively the male is around 28-30 kg while the female around 22-24 kg. The eyes of the bull terrier, an aspect that is a bit restless, and perhaps makes him look worse than his other colleagues, they must be small and triangular in shape, dark.

The neck is muscular and long, the trunk is rounded, the back is short and the nose is wide and black. The ears must be carried erect rigidly, they are small, fine and close together, the tail is low and short, the hair is also short, hard, preferably white, but the colors of the bull terrier they are in truth 4. Besides the bull terrier white, with spots of color allowed only on the head, but there is also the bull terrier brindle, the colored, where black or brown predominate over white, and the tricolor, in which the sum of black and brown colors predominates over white.

Bull terrier: character

Let's not be afraid if the bull terrier he is nicknamed "the gladiator of the dog breeds", he is certainly a dog of courageous and decisive nature but he is calm and not intolerant of discipline even if he needs an owner who knows how to manage him by making himself respected, educating him with decision and consistency.

The bull terrier he is a quiet dog, when he is with people he knows, he is discreet with strangers, unless he sees them as a threat. Better to have a sticker sign that he warns of his presence, nicely.

It is a valid companion dog, the bull terrier, particularly affectionate and balanced, and is a good playmate for children, for walks for the owner. Walks, long, if not runs: we consider that the bull terrier he needs a lot of physical exercise, at least 1 hour a day, then unscrupulously compensated with many hours of sleep. Even a puppy of bull terrier can sleep more than 50% of the day.

The bull terrier he gets along well with people and whoever takes one is better off immediately knowing how to socialize it with humans and animals so that a safe and sociable character is formed.

It can be seen visibly that it is a robust and healthy dog, usually does not have any particular health problems or weak points even if it is said that bull terrier all white is often more delicate and sensitive to allergies and dermatitis.

Bull terrier: price

In general its average life expectancy is 10-12 years, the price varies from 800 to 1500, but the rule is to contact people, breeders or serious structures, who provide documents and certificates. A bull terrier poorly documented maybe it costs less, but it could be more likely to get sick.

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