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Grooming for poodle

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Grooming for poodle, a beautiful feat of precision and patience but which gives satisfaction. At least for those with sensitive eyes as well as hearts, for animals. Perform one correctly and with good results grooming for poodle it is much more difficult than it may seem, especially if we are not professionals, but there is the possibility of doing it yourself. For reasons of costs or opportunities, or perhaps because we want to try a new contact with our 4-legged friend, we can find ourselves struggling withgrooming for poodle.

Let me start by saying: let's go slowly and don't get carried away because, especially with the clipper, it's easy to create unsightly disasters. And poor dog, then. If we do not feel safe, it is better to contact a professional, if instead we are of the idea of ​​trying, let it be clear immediately, we do not feel obliged to follow particular grooming for poodle.

The idea, and the purpose, except for competitions and exhibitions, is to thin out the dog's hair, avoiding exaggerating or expecting fur sculptures. For the rest there are various types ofgrooming for poodle possible, some more manageable and others more elaborate, especially if you have a show dog. Then nothing prevents us, never say never, from creating our own style of grooming day for poodle.

Made at home, or by a specialist, the grooming for poodle, and in general for dogs, it would be done every 40 or 60 days, and it's not a matter of tidying up or aesthetics. Not only that, at least. There grooming for poodle plays an essential role for guarantee well-being and animal health: neglecting coat maintenance can give rise to problems. Sanitary and hygiene above all, since this breed characterized by the genetic hair growth it also continues in unhygienic areas such as the inside of the ears, genitals, around the eyes and the perianal area.

Before proceeding with the actual act of grooming for poodle, a little preparation is required. If there are knots, it is better to untwist them before bathing, brushing in the direction of the hair and not against the grain. Then when washing before the grooming for poodle better to use nourishing and volumizing shampoo and then dry and comb both on and against the hair in order to iron and swell the hair. The last step is to prepare the grooming for poodle cutting the fingernails, the hair on the genitals, the one around the eyes and under the feet. A clean ear and a final brush.

Once this is done, we can move on to the real art of grooming for poodle well aware that, beyond the look we want to create on our dog's coat, it is necessary to know the breed standard well. Of course when it comes to a grooming for poodle of a commercial nature is a question of synthesis between logical criteria and personal flair, with the aim of enhancing the merits and masking the defects. Just like when you go to the hairdresser as a human.

There are various grooming techniques for poodle to choose from to proceed or to proceed, from the classic and historical "lion", up to the most recent: Anglo-Saxon, modern or puppy clip are the most frequent.

Poodle grooming: which one to choose

In grooming for Leoncina poodle (or Leon or Continental) the hair is left on the lower part of the legs (cuff), on the tail (with a round or oval pom pom), and on the area between head and mid-torso. On the contrary, the front part is "bared", less than a single tuft of hair at the height of the kidneys. There grooming for poodle Leoncina was once the only one admitted to exhibitions and is still among the most used most used for the scenographic effect given by the voluminous cotton tuft.

The lion look is widespread especially in large-sized specimens and is a type of grooming for poodle which has roots in the past, when this breed was used as a water retriever. The cut thus made arises from the need to protect the dog and make it agile: having to go into the reeds, it needed a grooming that it protected the sensitive parts but that it left him free enough in the movement.

There English style grooming for poodle it does not differ much from the previous one but in this case the hair is left more and on the paws in particular almost 3 rings of hair are "sculpted" that almost form a trousers, following the dog's shapes and, if desired, harmonizing or enhancing them. It's a choice very elaborate, it is in fact difficult to meet it in exhibitions.

There modern poodle grooming, also known as 1960 or Sporting cut, provides that the hair remains long, natural, everywhere except on the tail and on the muzzle. The modern is also the most normal, so the tuft in the head is less voluminous and elaborate. In general it is the grooming for poodle more popular even if it is less effective in shows because it hides the dog's line.

It was fashionable in the eighties, it remains so in Germany and other countries but in Italy it is demodée although for the owner it remains the most manageable option without going crazy with a tour de force by grooming for poodle disheveled or even unpresentable.

There is only a small difference between the grooming for poodle modern and that puppy clip: changes that in the second look the hair on the neck remains longer. This is something of a compromise and causes the dog to have a well-squared hindquarters, bulky hocks and a coat that gradually rises to the front. It is also used in exhibitions, but only up to the dog's 18 months of age. Of this grooming for poodle there is also the variant Scandinavian.

Poodle grooming: price

If hearing these options scares, then the option remains far from uncomfortable grooming for poodle via third parties. That would be the insiders. For those who do it by trade, having this breed in your hands is a great challenge, it is the super task in which to indulge and commit to show your art. The price it is around 25 euros, I dare say no less than 25 euros, for poodle grooming.

In general, it varies with the time taken and the tools needed to proceed clipper or scissors or both. We talk about grooming for poodle but we mean the price including washing and the artist's inspiration if desired, because the grooming for poodle can make our dog even more proud to be by our side. This goes beyond his participation in exhibitions: he already participates in our life and he doesn't have it price.

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